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    Orienka is a Brand New Generation of Elite skincare collection.
    The modern woman’s skin faces harsh environments in day to day life due to pollution and Toxins. Orienka, have taken the core ingredient of the miraculous mechanism of cell renewal in barbary fig plants - which sees them survive the desert while self-cleaning, self-nourishing and self-moisturising - Barbary fig seeds oil, and harnessed it for maximum effect and benefit to a woman’s skin. Barbary fig seeds oil, blended with Rose hips flower water, black seeds oil ,goji berries and sweet almond oil, actively builds stronger collagen for a radiant, supple complexion. Whilst Regenerating cells for a more youthful appearance, it also brightens skin tone, evens complexion and minimises imperfections for potent, pro-ageing repair-wear. *The selection of recycle packaging designed with a full care to attract women to responsible products. *All Orienka products are free from Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Artificial colors, mineral oils, Silicon or any Animal raw materials. *Expertise of French Eco-laboratories. *Tests made by an independent laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research for optimal Safety and Efficiency. *Preserve the environment and application of Eco-design process to the whole business: Preservation of natural resources, recycle packing.