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    Built on a heritage that dates back millennia when people first sought the healing properties of the desert.
    Orienka has combined the tradition of classic nomadic beauty and modern sensibility to create a collection of treatment products of unparalleled effectiveness and quality that celebrate the unique beauty in every woman. We looked at more than just ingredients when we created Orienka. We thought about where the product and ingredients are from, how it’s made and how it performs, who makes it and even more complex issues like sustainability versus biodiversity (they’re not the same thing!!) From the wild crafting Barbary fig oil (the ultimate pro-living oil, which is 5 times more effective than Argan oil), organic date seed oil and organic Nigella seed oil farmers to the devout base of followers, there is a connectedness from the first harvest to the last drop, with ingredients that deliver a vital flow of Or (light), Ren (harmony) and Ka (longevity) and a euphoric release at spa or at home. Always present, we recognize the simple things you do every day can be elevated to the realm of total bliss and happiness.